Payment Options

After checkout, you will receive an Order Confirmation email from BtB. Upon receipt, you may proceed to pay for your order. Please transfer/deposit your payment to any of the accounts indicated below.

After paying, kindly reply to the Order Confirmation email (with proof of payment attached) within 24 hours of your Order, otherwise your Order will be cancelled.

BtB Bank / E-wallet Accounts

 Gcash account: 09761983970

gcash-btb-hub-2022-v2.jpg   bpi-tanya-qr2.jpg    

Electronic Gift Certificates

If you have received a BtB electronic gift certificate, you can use it to fully/partially pay for your order upon checkout. You may use multiple e-gift certificates to pay for the same order.

Kindly note that e-gift certificates can be redeemed via this website (for online purchases) or at our Maginhawa hub (for in-store purchases) only. For more information on how to redeem or check the balance of your e-gift certificate, please click on the 'Gift Certificate' button above.

Should you encounter a problem with your e-gift certificate (especially for those with 2021/2022 series GC), please contact us through with subject "Gift Certificate Redemption" so we can assist you. 

Lost/stolen gift certificates should be reported immediately to with subject "Gift Certificate Suspension" to prevent unauthorized usage. Please indicate the GC code number, name of GC purchaser, and name of original recipient of GC.